Ten Year Window Tint Guarantee

Window tinting horror stories are not uncommon, with bad window tinting jobs being a real worry. Peeling, bubbles, fingers and contamination appearing in the film are just a few issues. If you've just spent a lot of money on a nice car, the last thing you want from your tinting is for your car to look cheap. This is why Direct Tint offer a genuine 10 YEAR GUARANTEE. If any of the above problems ever occurred in your window film, Direct Tint will repair the work completely free of charge.

You will be able to drive away in complete confidence, knowing you window film has bee fitted properly and professionally by a highly trained technition.

Please note: Although we only use highly scratch resistant film, sharp objects pressed or scrapped on tinted windows can leave a scratch. We suggest you treat your tint as you would your vehicles paintwork.

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