Tint Training Courses

Dear Potential Window Tinter,

My name is David Newson and I own and run Direct Tint. I'm sure you'll be aware, from reading through this website, I have forged a highly successful window tinting business for cars and buildings in the Lancaster area of Lancashire. Not many businesses can offer a return on investment like window tinting.

New car dealers from all over my area trust me with their customers vehicles and I can teach you the skills you'll need to do flawless tint jobs every time.

“Very profitable”

Window tinting can be a very profitable business. Over the last year my average charge to tint a car was £170. Not bad when you consider that you could do 3 jobs in one day on your own! Lets not get too excited though. I recommend all new tinters limit themselves to one car per day for the first 6 months. The most important thing is to do the job right, not fast!

“Intensive Learning”

My training courses are all about 1 on 1, face to face, hands on, intensive learning. The best way to learn is on real vehicles, that's why I provide a range of cars for the course, chosen for the perfect learning curve. You will be using the same tools and film I use on my customers cars and learning the same tried and tested techniques that give me perfect results every time. You will also be introduced to all the suppliers you will need, so you'll know what to buy and how much to expect to pay for all tools and film.

“Flexible to suit you”

Because my courses are one on one, I can be totally flexible to suit your needs, so we spend most time on the skills you struggle with the most without missing anything. If you can only train over a weekend, that's fine. I can even arrange accommodation to meet any budget.

“Affordable Prices”

I am confident you won't find better prices for one to one tint training. I represent value for money and I genuinely care that my customers can afford to go on and set up business for themselves. Please call me on 01524 62935 for a quote.

“Ongoing Support”

I am acutely aware that setting up business can be a daunting prospect. After taking one of my courses I will always be just a phone call away and will always be more than happy to help. Weather you need advice on anything, from removing door trim to advertising, I can always be reached. I will even travel to your workshop to make sure that you are getting the best from your tinting bay. (This would require a modest extra charge).

So, to sum up; if you want to be your own boss and you think Window Tinting is for you, give me a call! It may be the best call you’ve ever made!

Kindest regards,

David Newson
Direct Tint

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